The prophecies started to burn so long ago.

The elves of time sewed their lips
since humans set the house on fire.

Wasn’t Chronos laughing on the lintel?

It was the house made of memories
                            of old combustible beams.


I, Zero

Fuck your Netflix long long trips
fuck your Spotify and chicken wings
fuck your beer nacho
spicy friday nights
fuck organic, fuck anyone, anyhow.

Fuck your selfies in the bathroom
fuck your stupid duck faces
and fuck your awesome TV series.
Fuck your Jolies and insipid Gosslings
fuck your collar, fuck your tie.
Fuck everything but your boss, ’cause
withouth him
you wouldn’t have money for Netflix
fried chicken or “smartphones”
but maybe you’d have some dignity
and we
your followers
would have less of a duck
                             of a dick
and make our own series
with vampire vikings
and black android pirate zombies
fighting for a world
where people can shake hands
and shoulder by shoulder
destroy or catch
all evil
middle-east monsters.